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Captain to Captain

We provide a personalized service from Captain to Captain. Our fuel brokers are former superyacht captains or chief engineers and have been serving on superyachts for many years. We arrange the fuel bunker business from a captains point of view for a trouble free bunker process.

Blue Sea Yachts Bunker manages the bunker purchasing process on behalf of the yacht, choosing the most competitive offer from refineries, fuel depots and physical distributors around the world. Our service is saving you money due to our worldwide purchasing power and it is saving you time as we arrange everything for you.

We will also arrange the berth for the bunker operation free of charge wherever possible and we have extra flexibility for last minute schedule changes.

We are keeping records of all fuel bunkers. Relevant interested parties such as surveyors or yacht managers can request specific bunker information held in our archive.

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We are happy to send you a competitive fuel quotation for any port of call together with the current rules and regulations for duty free or duty paid fuel bunker.